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China Buyang Co.,Ltd.

Exterior door

Steel security door- 45 products
Armor door- 38 products
Stainless steel door- 6 products
Accessories- 23 products

Interior door

nuture wooden door- 3 products
fireproof door series- 12 products
archaistic series- 7 products
PVC DOOR- 21 products
Accessories- 33 products

Area Classification

Africa- 0 products
Middle Europe- 0 products
Middle East- 0 products
Americas- 0 products
Research and Development

  • R&D Staff
    More than 60

  • Machinery/Equipment for R&D
    We have a Sun server with Saloris, Linux server for intranet and SUNUP ERP management system. All R&D work can be supervised by computer terminal.


R&D staff


R&D design


  • Patents & Copyrights
    At present, the company has three technical reformation projects that have passed the provincial acceptance check and have obtained more than 180 national patents.

  • Profile
    In order to improve the core completive power of the enterprise and improve product development, the company has recently invested RMB 3 million in the development of the intelligent information platform and cooperated with Zhejiang University SUNUP information Technology Co., Ltd. to construct an intelligent local network.

Contact Details

 China Buyang Group Co.Ltd

 ADD:No.1,Buyang Road,Yongkang,Zhejiang,China   


 Fax:0086- 579-87271951


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Ms  zhou,wing


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